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Four Perspectives Gallery Opening

Four Perspectives
featuring paintings by:
Betty Ann Morris
Ken Rosenthal
Mark Fernandez
Jonhthan McPhillips

Spring Bull Gallery
55 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island
401 849 9166
Opening September 1, 2007
Exhibition Dates: September 1 to 30

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Work in Progress Jonathan McPhillips

Finally finished.  Happy with the outcome.  This painting will be exhibited at our show Four Prospectives, Spring Bull Gallery Newport, Rhode Island 1 Sept 07.
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Castle Hill Light from Jamestown RI

Castle Hill Lighthouse Newport RI

Panted a small 6 x 8 oil on panel this morning in the fog.  Fort Whetherall was glorious as always.  The view of Castle Hill across Narragansett Bay was breathtaking.   Fog rolling in and out.
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